"The new «Cross-Cultural Management Textbook» prepared and edited by 12 experts across the world and published early 2013 is clearly meeting its two main challenges: wrap-up today’s best concepts in cross-cultural management, and help to understand the influence of culture in management and communication."

Dominique Xardel
Former Essec Business School Director

"Definitely an easily read and a well organized student’s course book as the editor intended, the Cross-Cultural Management Textbook presents boilerplate of both fields intercultural and management basics adequate for a semester’s initiation. It is written in traditional but less technical and more understandable terms than all too many undergrad textbooks tend to be."

Dr. George Simons
Cross-cultural Management Trainer and Coach
SIETAR Board member

"A must-read for any manager interested in culture and management. Accessible to the beginner, yet satisfying for the seasoned international manager, anyone dealing for other cultures should read it!" 

Niss Jonas Carlsson
CEO & Founder Brainglass

"I have not encountered a better book that manages to easily explain so many relevant cross cultural management schools of thought in one single read. It is unique in that it brings together so many cross cultural guru's and manages to combine these different thoughts in one synergized story, creating a holistic picture of the field." 

Ernst Weijers
The Netherlands